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Prof. Pradeep B. Deshpande has developed a scientific framework for individual, organizational, national, and global transformation. The framework comprises of two components: Excellence of the External and Excellence of the Internal. The scientific framework for the excellence of the external pertains to three types of activities: Dynamic manufacturing applications, static manufacturing applications, and static transactional (service) applications. The scientific framework for the excellence of the internal pertains to individuals and societies delivering a myriad of benefits. As the paper, Profound Implications of Minimum Variance Control in the Footer explains, the goal in all these cases is to achieve minimum variance and the tools and technologies are available for achieving it. Embracing and diligently pursuing the two components of excellence delivers numerous benefits: health & wellness, exemplary performance in all walks of life including business performance, better leadership decisions, less discord and violence and global peace. Prof. Deshpande has shown that both components of excellence are essential. One without the other is inadequate.

The scientific framework for world transformation is detailed in three books which are listed under Resources: Process Control and Optimization deals with dynamic processes, Six Sigma for Karma Capitalism is for static processes and transactions and The Nature of Ultimate Reality and How it can transform our World: Evidence from Modern Physics; Wisdom of YODA shows how to achieve internal excellence and promote global peace. These books may be used as texts in academic programs but are also excellence resource materials for practitioners.