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Bioenergy Measurements


Prof. Konstantin Korotkov of the Federal University of St. Petersburg, Russia has made a pioneering contribution to the field of human energy field. He and his associates have shown that disruptions in the bioenergy field is a major cause of ailments. They developed a device (www.bio-well.com) for the measurement of human energy field over fifteen years ago that has been approved in Russia for use as a routine medical diagnostic device in hospitals and doctor’s offices by their Ministry of Health. Many Olympic and Paralympic teams of Russia are tested with this device. They have also made a presentation to an office of the US National Institutes of Health and more than 1000 doctors, practitioners and psychologists in the USA and all over the world are benefiting from the device. The device has not yet been approved by the US health authorities for use as a medical diagnostic device.

The bioenergy measurements are noninvasive and take only a couple of minutes to complete. However, the device operates on a principle that is different from routine measurements such as an MRI or a CT-Scan. The routine medical devices present the direct diagnosis of the specific patient while the bioenergy measurement answers the question, compared to the tens of thousands of healthy and unhealthy individuals in the database, where does the subject stand at a high confidence level.

Our energy field is the first to be affected well before the symptoms of ailments are revealed in the physical body and so disruptions in the energy field ought to be taken as a warning sign of impending problems. Korotkov and associates as well as Prof. Deshpande and associates have shown that a single meditation session has a demonstratable restorative effect on the energy field.