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How Yoga can transform the World scientifically


If you were to take a stratified random sample of the products and services of India and do an audit to estimate the defect levels and repeat the same exercise in a developed nation such as the United States, what you will find is that the defect levels in India are much higher. This might lead you to suggest that topnotch quality initiatives will rectify the problem but that would be only partly correct. Now, let us conduct another set of experiments only this time we will select the same companies operating in both countries which use exactly the same quality initiatives and repeat the exercise. Even this time you will arrive at exactly the same conclusion. So, clearly quality initiatives are the not the whole answer. The elephant in the room is the average level of internal excellence. In other words if India is serious about transforming itself so it may join the ranks of developed nations, it really has no choice but to embrace both components of excellence: Scientific framework of external excellence (six sigma or another quality initiative) and scientific framework for internal excellence which turns out to be Yoga. Here, Yoga means to connect and not the bone-bending exercises that have come to be referred to as Yoga in the West.

After a scientific scrutiny spanning four decades and founded on ancient Indian wisdom now corroborated by well-known western scientists in the recent decades Prof. Deshpande has developed a scientific framework for world transformation which boils down to be Yoga. It is detailed in the book The Nature of Ultimate Reality and how it can transform our World: Evidence from Modern Physics; Wisdom of YODA, SAC, 2015 (available on amazon) listed under Resources.

The book explains how an American journalist unraveled the mystery of the beginning of the universe and the meaning of ultimately reality, how an American theoretical physicist turned physician deciphered the nature of ultimate reality, and how the lecturer put together the scientific framework for exemplary performance as explained in the book. Embracing and diligently pursuing the two-component framework will lead to improved heath & wellness, exemplary performance in all walks of life including business and organizational performance, better leadership decisions, and less discord and violence. Applying these concepts on a global scale will lead to a much better and a more peaceful world.