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Rise and Decline of Nations: Impications for Global Peace


Just as ancient Indian wisdom had predicted, Prof. Deshpande and his dear friend and colleague the Late Professor Phoebus M. Christopher also of the chemical engineering department, University of Louisville, discovered scientific evidence supporting the notion of rise and decline of societies in the eighties. The evidence came from the 23 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The plots in Figure 1 depict the number of individuals listed from the specific country in the reputed reference. We would have liked to find similar evidence on ancient nations such Egypt, China, and India but unfortunately no such reputed reference is available on ancient nations.

Rise and decline occurs due to the transformation of the three components of the mindset, S, R, and T. For reasons that are not entirely amenable to logical scrutiny, the three components of the mindset undergo transformation over time and that induces the rise and decline of societies. As the average S component of a society increases, the society rises but the S component cannot increase indefinitely and when it reaches a peak, the T component begins its ascent and the society declines. The T component cannot increase indefinitely either and so the decline must eventually come to an end and the society begins to rise again and so on.

At any given time, all three types of societies are in existence: those that are risen, those that have rising, and those that are in the state of decline. This has always been true, it is true at present, and will likely remain true in the future. No one need be offended by this for rise and decline are a natural phenomenon. So, when we speak of global peace, The scientific framework for world transformation for which this blog is dedicated aspires to keep the delay of risen societies such as the United States at bay longer, accelerate the rise of rising nations such as India, and change the directions of societies currently in the state of decline such as Greece. Eternal peace ad infinitum is not in the plan of nature.