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Science demands that the results of experiments must be repeatable and reproducible regardless who conducts the experiment, where, when, and how many times and that is the way it should be. When it comes to human beings this condition is not satisfied. This is because each of the 6 ½ billion of us is a nonlinear, multivariable, self-regulated, and evolving organism. Six sigma posits that there will always be a certain amount of inherent variation in the outcomes of processes and transactions due to unknown and uncontrollable causes. Thus, if a group of practitioners sit for meditation for say 21 minutes taking care that all the factors under our control are the same, the results of meditation as indicated by the extent to which their heart rates and respiration rates drop will vary. The goal of six sigma is to insure that this variation is as small as it can possibly be.
Fundamental, mechanistic approaches are and should be used to problem-solving but when detailed knowledge about the system under scrutiny is unavailable, it becomes necessary to resort to systemic approaches that are based solely based on input output data. This is particularly true of complex manufacturing and transnational commercial transactional processes and is especially true of human beings.
If you happen to be religious minded, reflecting on the information on this site may well lead you to come away with the sense that all incarnations, prophet, Son of God had made the raising of the S component and control of R and T components of humanity the sole agenda of their lives. So, we could remain true to the knowledge we currently have and state without loss of generality:

Religion + Science = Spirituality